Make USB and Update Instructions April 2023

Purpose: The purpose of these instructions are to give guidance on how to properly download/save an LWUpdate file, add (copy) to USB drive and apply the update to the LIGHTWAVE main unit using the USB port and USB flash drive.

You will need the following items to perform the update:  Lightwave Main Unit, Any USB flash drive, PC or Laptop (w/ USB port), Email/Internet Access and Update File.

Part 1 – Download and make USB Update Stick:

1. Download or save the LWupdate ZIP file to your local computer.

NOTE: You can save / download this file to your desktop, documents or other. Just note the location this file was saved to for next steps

2. Go to the downloaded / saved LWupdate ZIP file and extract the single file within the ZIP file.

3. Insert USB Flash Drive into any USB port on your PC/MAC.

4. Copy extracted file in step 2 to the root of the USB drive inserted into your PC/MAC

Should look similar to this:

5. At this point you have made a USB LWUpdate stick and are ready to apply update. You can remove the USB flash drive from your computer and continue on to next part, Applying LW Update

Part 2 – Apply LW Update to your Lightwave System

6. Turn on (boot) your Lightwave System and wait for the “login” screen to appear. If already logged in, you will need to logout by pressing the logout button located in the bottom right.

< Log in/out Button

7. Once at login screen, Insert the LW Update USB Stick into the USB port located on right side of Lightwave main unit. The USB stick will take approximately 5 secs to be recognized.

8. Press the update button located on the bottom right of the login screen

< Config / Update Button

9. You will be prompt with the following and press “OK”

10. The update process will now begin and will see the window below.  If successful the system will report “version verified” and automatically reboot.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact Lightwave’s support staff for help.

Thank you,

Lightwave Support Staff