About Lightwave

Mission Statement

  • Become the technological leader in LLT cosmetic rejuvenation applications.
  • Provide a safe, painless, and non-surgical method of dermal rejuvenation.
  • Provide non-invasive and non-traumatic treatments with no negative side effects.
  • Provide effective and noticeable improvements.
  • Provide affordable cosmetic enhancements

Lightwave is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of advanced aesthetic Light Therapy or LEDt (Light Emitting Diode therapy) systems and corresponding ABI Dermaceuticals skin care that offer professionals a complete inside-out approach to address a wide variety of cosmetic skin conditions; while remaining non-ablative, non-invasive and painless.

Founded in 2002, LIGHTWAVE’s advanced LEDt systems and corresponding ABI Dermaceuticals skin care products are the most comprehensive and technologically available. LIGHTWAVE is the designer and manufacturer of all of its products and proudly performs all product design and manufacturing in the USA.

All LIGHTWAVE and ABI Dermaceutical skin care protocols focus on effectively offering cosmetic improvements for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring, blemishes, sun spots, and even cellulite.  LIGHTWAVE™’s enhancements are accomplished without pain, without heat, and with no negative side effects. The technology can be used as a stand alone system or incorporated with other invasive or ablative techniques to help achieve desired results.

ABI Dermaceutical skin care was specifically designed to compliment the LIGHTWAVE treatments with a total “inside and out” skin care approach. The development of this cutting edge dermaceutical line finalizes an important component for a complete skin care regimen. ABI Dermaceuticals has also developed affordable and effective post peels, post laser, anti-aging, and acne kits that create a simple means to further assist your patients with recovery and dermal improvement for their at home regimen.

Light therapy remains the most superior, non-ablative, non-invasive, and painless skin care therapy available to date. Our promise is that your customers will find the technology just as useful and powerful as you do! After all, we all want to feel better, look better, and have beautiful, ageless, smooth skin. Whatever your customer’s concerns, LIGHTWAVE and its topical ABI Dermaceutical skin care line are an easy sell. They provide a definitive way to reduce scarring, blemishes, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and even cellulite.

For years, light therapy has been used to treat pain and other damaged cells. Now, LEDt offers great use for cosmetic rejuvenation. LIGHTWAVE is one of the only systems to thoroughly maximize the benefits of using both red and infrared light energy. This allows our treatments to penetrate the skin on a much deeper level than any ordinary red light device, making the treatment much more effective. LIGHTWAVE systems have a 3-socket design which allows multiple areas of the body to be treated simultaneously and they are one of the few systems available that are considered hands-free. This means it does not need an operator to regulate the session. Simply select the program for the desired treatment and the system does the rest, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks. LIGHTWAVE and ABI Dermaceutical skin care protocols are clearly written, taking the guess work out of each and every session. These systems are a must have for all skin care professionals who are serious about their business. Don’t get left behind, discover one of the hottest new modalities hitting the market today. Contact us now to learn more about LIGHTWAVE and what it can do for you.

So how does LIGHTWAVE work? LIGHTWAVE is one of the few systems to maximize the benefits of red, infrared, and blue light energy.  Each color or wavelength of light has a specific purpose. Part of the challenge is to properly control the time, intensity, waveform, and other important aspects of each color of light to provide a proper dose or treatment. LIGHTWAVE has done just that! This means the LIGHTWAVE treatments allow more photon energy to be absorbed and penetrate the skin far better than the ordinary light devices on the market, making it easier to achieve consistent and reliable results. While undergoing light therapy, LIGHTWAVE clients also have the added benefit of being able to quickly transform the outside layers of the skin with our corresponding ABI skin care kits. These products have been created specifically for our light therapy systems, allowing clients to experience a total transformation both on the inside and out.