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LIGHTWAVE'S Flagship Tri-color System designed for professionals

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The Most Advanced

LED Light Therapy On The Market

LIGHTWAVE’s DELUXE ELITE™ series is the most advanced professional grade LED Light Therapy (LEDt) system and offers the most sophisticated and versatile features available in the market. Our technology has received multiple FDA clearances, back by significant scientific data, years of field service and a commitment to excellence.

Extreme Customizability

Up to 4080 LEDs

The DELUXE ELITE™ series can be customized to fit your needs and is capable of utilizing up to 4080 powerful non-invasive LEDs. The DELUXE ELITE™ can be configured to include clinically proven monochromatic Red Light Therapy, Infrared Light Therapy and Blue Light Therapy wavelengths all in one system without changing heads.

Pad Sets

LIGHTWAVE’s Auxiliary Pad Sets are light and flexible, allowing for treatment to occur anywhere on the body. Primarily used for soft tissue injuries and acute or chronic pain; the pad-sets can also be utilized for other treatments. Each pad set contains 600 LED’s consisting of Red and Infrared (IR). Multiple sets can be operated simultaneously. Auxiliary pad-sets are not available with Blue light.


Multi-Wavelength Platform

Our patented multi-wavelength platform system makes it possible to address a variety of skin conditions ranging from fine lines, discoloration, flaccid skin, and dermal repair to acne and PDT treatments all in one system. Not only can it address a variety of skin conditions, but also can be equipment to address up to 3 treatment locations simultaneously for the face and body.

Main Unit with 3 Sockets
LED Array Panel (2880 LEDs)
630nm Red
880nm NIR
420nm Blue
2 Year Full + Limited Lifetime Warranty
ABI & TLI Dermaceutical Kit
1 Year Upgrade Guarantee
System Specs & Details
Light Source: 2880 SL SMT LEDs
Pulse: CW & Variable
Joules: up to 7 j/min*
Output: up to 120 mw/cm2*
Std Time: 8 – 14 mins
Protocols: LW & TLi
Customizable: Yes
Coverage: up to 1350 cm2
Weight: 40 lbs
Power In: AC 110v or 220v
Size: 52 in (h) x 28 in (w) x28 in (d)
* Joules & Output vary depending on wavelength selection and density.

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