Lightwave ReAct 2880 PRO


LIGHTWAVE’s affordable configuration of the Professional Deluxe ReAct PRO professional LED option. This versatile multi-color LED light therapy system drives results and blows the competition away.


ReAct PRO LT2880
Main Unit with 1 Socket
LED Panel (2880 LEDs)
630nm Red
880nm NIR
420nm Blue
Limited Lifetime +
1 Year Full Warranty
ABI Dermaceutical Kit
TLi Starter Kit
1 Year 100% Trade-in/Upgrade Guarantee

System Specs & Details
Light Source: 2880 SL SMT LEDs
Pulse: CW & Variable
Joules: up to 3 j/min
Output: up to 80 mw/cm2
Time: 15 – 20 mins
Protocols: LW & TLii
Customizable: Yes
Coverage: up to 700 cm2
Weight: 20 lbs
Power In: AC 110v or 220v
Size: 36”(h) x 25” (w) x 25” (d)
* Joules & Output vary depending on wavelength selection and density.