What makes your light-based skin care line the best available?

Skin care products rarely meet expectations, especially for acne skin care and anti aging skin care. That’s not the case with our light-based skin care line. Our products work in conjunction with LED light therapy for facial rejuvenation, facial wrinkles, acne treatment , scar treatment, body improvements and more.

Red light therapy increases circulation in the skin thereby reducing skin inflammation, essential to any acne skin care treatment and anti aging skin care treatment. This aspect of LED light therapy – combined with quality skin care products – helps ensure you’re getting skin rejuvenation from the inside out to help with everything from body improvements to scar treatment. As for acne treatment, Blue light therapy is essential, a treatment that can also be used forphotodynamic therapy (PDT).

Blue light therapy penetrates the acne-causing bacteria in the skin, producing free radicals that kill the bacteria itself. So regardless of what you need LED light therapy for – from acne skin care, to anti aging skin care, to body treatments – Blue light therapy, Red light therapy and Infrared light therapy can help, especially combined with our ABI skin care products.

For facial rejuvenation – from acne skin care, to anti aging skin care, to Blue light for photodynamic therapy – our ABI skin care products and LIGHTWAVE light therapy treatment can help.