What is Topical Light Infusion?


Topical Light infusion (TLi) is the only light based infusion system available that safely and effectively addresses a variety of cosmetic concerns and is far superior to other infusion technologies currently available. Over the past decade, science has made significant advancements in developing results-oriented ingredients and formulations. However, ingredients alone are not the sole determining factor of a product’s effectiveness.

In order for a product to be effective, it first has to penetrate and find its way to specific targeted areas of the skin. Then it must be absorbed before it can ever start to create a noticeable change.

A skin care formulation can have the most sophisticated ingredients available, but if the delivery is not effective, it cannot perform optimally. Therefore, finding an effective delivery method that has the capabilities of infusing topicals into the skin and delivering ingredients to targeted areas is crucial.

In order to meet this ever growing demand, we have developed the most sophisticated Topical Light infusion (TLi) process available. This new topical infusion method has the ability to activate and infuse various topicals without damaging the skin or altering the topical formulations.


In order to understand the principles of LIGHTWAVE Topical Light infusion (TLi™), it is important to first understand that it is not a standard LED light therapy treatment. LIGHTWAVE Topical Light infusion (TLi™) is a treatment that combines the activation and delivery of topicals and light.

It has been long understood that in order for an LED light therapy treatment to be effective the light must first enter the body and be absorbed. The same

principals hold true for topical delivery; the topical must first enter the body and be absorbed in order to make long term changes. to the right we have listeda few notable differences between standard light therapy and our Topical Light infusion (TLi™) process.