What is the most effective non-prescription acne treatment available?

Acne treatment can be tricky, so many people with acne problems are turning to non-prescription LED light therapy for skin treatment. Through a combination of Blue light therapy (which can also be used to activate PDT) and Red light therapy, this protocol is the most sophisticated rejuvenation technology on the market today to treat acne skin conditions. Best of all, it’s natural, pain-free and affordable.

More than 80 percent of adolescents have an acne problem, as do many adults. Lightwave therapy is a successful option for adolescent and adult acne treatment and acne scarring that delivers impressive skin rejuvenation results. This skin care solution and acne scar treatment is directly linked to the effectiveness of Blue light therapy skin treatment.

This skin treatment and acne scar treatment exposes acne-causing bacteria to Blue light therapy. In response, molecules within the acne produce free radicals that kill the bacteria itself. This skin care and skin rejuvenation is especially effective for acne scarring and as an adolescent and adult acne treatment.

In addition to Blue light therapy, Red light therapy is used to increase circulation and reduce inflammation within the skin. For more information about this acne treatment – for adult acne treatment, acne scar treatment and other acne skin care issues, including Blue light used to activate PDT – contact LIGHTWAVE Technologies today.