What are LED’s and how are they used by LIGHTWAVE?

LED’s- Light Emitting Diodes- provide infrared (invisible to the eye) and visible red light that helps the cells of the human tissue, the same way sunlight helps the cells of plants, process and utilize food and air, into usable energy. The LED’s are programmed to change frequency and patterns of length to offer the most beneficial treatment according to the patients needs and desired effects. Each unit is pre-programmed with easy to understand programs and operation is as simple as a push of a button, which provides the patient with a session best suited for the individuals target area. LED technology has long been toted as being an aide in wound treatment; the reduction in appearance of wrinkles, scars and pain management through it’s use of deep-penetrating warmth and cell metabolism, and has been the topic of research by NASA for space utilization, medical college research studies, and even physical fitness training facilities everywhere.Most current medical responses to skin aging currently involve invasive, painful, and often very expensive means of correction. LIGHTWAVE offers a non-invasive approach that can be used regularly to reduce the appearance of the problem areas that these extensive surgeries and laser-treatments are being used to correct.