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What is PDT, or photodynamic therapy, and how does it work?

PDT, or photodynamic therapy (photodynamic rejuvenation), is a photo-sensitive topical agent applied to the skin and activated by a light source promoting skin rejuvenation for acne treatments, acne scar treatments, anti aging treatments, rosacea treatments and more. This can be accomplished through either Blue light therapy or Red light therapy.

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Who needs and can benefit from LIGHTWAVE?

As we all age, our skin loses some its ability to heal and reconstruct itself. Components such as collagen and elastin, necessary in maintaining the physical appearance and vitality of skin, decreases in production; scar tissue, toxins and waste build-up (acne, wrinkles, sunspots, hyper-pigmentation, etc.) increases the appearance of physical flaws.

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Where do I find a LIGHTWAVE device? Can I purchase one for my own personal use?

As a financial gain, the LIGHTWAVE device can be purchased by salons, medical spas and clinics, doctors and surgeons offices, or any other facility that would like to offer the service to their clients on a per-use basis. Locations of the clinics/medical facilities that offer the service can be found on our website or by contacting a LIGHTWAVE representative via email or phone.Persons with chronic problems that would prefer the privacy of their own home to complete the treatments are also able to purchase a unit for use.Operation of the therapy device requires no certification and all instructions and operating functions are clearly defined by the literature and the device itself. However, in-depth on-site training and certification is available for a nominal fee. LIGHTWAVE is always available to answer questions and concerns beyond those found in the provided documentation.