FAQ Category: LED Light Therapy

What is the history of LED Therapy?

History of LED Therapy In 1903, a Nobel Prize of Medicine was given to a scientist by the name of Niels Finsen for the use of light therapy; once known as photo therapy. Research progressed and by the 1960s photo therapy – now referred to as LED Therapy (or LEDT) was being used primarily in Eastern Europe for treatment of chronic pain, arthritis and associated conditions, joint rehabilitation, and soft-tissue injury along with other medical ailments. During this same time LEDT was being used in a small sector of the United States by equestrian practices for animals with joint and soft tissue injury.

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How is LED light therapy different from laser treatment?

LED light therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment using non invasive, non ablative Red light therapy, Blue light therapy and Infrared light treatment for anti aging skin care, facial wrinkles, acne treatment, body treatments and more. LED is a safer, more effective and affordable alternative to laser treatment. And Blue and Red light can both be used to activate PDT (photodynamic therapy).

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What are LED’s and how are they used by LIGHTWAVE?

LED’s- Light Emitting Diodes- provide infrared (invisible to the eye) and visible red light that helps the cells of the human tissue, the same way sunlight helps the cells of plants, process and utilize food and air, into usable energy. The LED’s are programmed to change frequency and patterns of length to offer the most beneficial treatment according to the patients needs and desired effects. Each unit is pre-programmed with easy to understand programs and operation is as simple as a push of a button, which provides the patient with a session best suited for the individuals target area. LED technology has long been toted as being an aide in wound treatment; the reduction in appearance of wrinkles, scars and pain management through it’s use of deep-penetrating warmth and cell metabolism, and has been the topic of research by NASA for space utilization, medical college research studies, and even physical fitness training facilities everywhere.Most current medical responses to skin aging currently involve invasive, painful, and often very expensive means of correction. LIGHTWAVE offers a non-invasive approach that can be used regularly to reduce the appearance of the problem areas that these extensive surgeries and laser-treatments are being used to correct.

What can I expect during a LIGHTWAVE appointment?

During your initial LIGHTWAVE appointment, a knowledgeable LIGHTWAVE trained technician will take before pictures, conduct an interview and complete a physical evaluation of your skin to get a clear picture of your treatment priorities. Your technician will then choose the appropriate LIGHTWAVE protocol(s) to address your areas of concern. The actual LIGHTWAVE treatment will begin by properly preparing the skin with specific ABI Dermaceuticals. These concentrated topicals help clear away the outermost layer of the skin so that the appropriate amount of photo energy can be properly absorbed.Next, the skin is exposed to specific wavelengths of light that will stimulate the cellular renewal process and begin the reparative process. Finally, ABI’s Power Pure topicals will be applied to the surface of the skin to start rebuilding, replenishing and protecting the exposed skin cells.

How does Blue light therapy work?

Blue light therapy is used in conjunction with Red light therapy for adolescent and adult acne and acne scar treatments. From acne treatments for mild to severe acne and acne scars, to skin care for acne, Lightwave can help. Blue light treatment is a natural, effective skin rejuvenation technique, and can be used to activate PDT, or photodynamic therapy.

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How does Infrared light therapy work?

Infrared light therapy treatment is used in conjunction with Red light therapy and Blue light therapy for a wide range of skin rejuvenation purposes including facial rejuvenation, facial wrinkle treatments, acne treatments, acne scar treatments.

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How does Red light therapy work?

Red light therapy is used in conjunction with invisible Infrared light for skin rejuvenation and more. LIGHTWAVE therapy is also used for acne scar reduction by combing Red light therapy with Blue light therapy (which can also be used to activate photodynamic therapy, or phototherapy).

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What is LED light therapy?

LED light therapy is the process of converting light energy into cellular energy for natural, non-invasive skin rejuvenation. A combination of these wavelengths: Red light therapy, Blue light therapy, and Infrared light therapy, work for anti aging therapy, wrinkle treatments, scar treatments, acne treatments and more. Blue and Red light can also be used to activate PDT, or Photo Dynamic Therapy.

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