Acne is one of the most common skin disorders, affecting more that 45 million Americans each year.

LED Light Therapy Treatments

LW11 Blue Light Only Therapy

Blue light (wavelength 405nm-450nm) provides a very superficial penetration even with a high- intensity narrowband light source. It is primarily absorbed by the epidermis of the skin. Once it is absorbed, blue light targets P. acnes by stimulating porphyrins which then produce intracellular singlet oxygen and thus inducing bacterial death. [embed][/embed]

LW10 Blue/Red – Mild to Moderate Acne

LIGHTWAVE proprietary LED light Therapy session (Red and Blue Light) designed to repair damaged skin and significantly reduce the P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for causing inflammatory acne vulgaris. 15 minutes of Blue light first enters the sebaceous glands and singlet oxygen is created. Singlet oxygen then in turn kills the bacteria. Next, the client is exposed to 15 minutes of red light. This acne treatment aids in the healing process of the skin and prevents infection and scarring from occurring. [embed][/embed]

TLi (Topical Light Infusion) Treatments

TLi Blemish Control Treatment

This treatment is ideal for congested and oily skin. The concentrated gel based mask contains several Power Pure ingredients designed to reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin tissue, and reduce unsightly blemishes resulting in an overall improved look and feel of the skin.

TLi Retinol Revitalizing Treatment

This treatment is extremely effective at increasing cell turnover and improving cellular communication resulting in improved tone, texture, and overall skin health. Our retinol mask delivers a high dosage of retinol with little to no irritation and redness. It will assist in the stimulation of collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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