Aches & Pains

Aches & Pains

Physical suffering or discomfort due to stiff joints, burns, or other injuries.

LED Light Therapy Treatments

LW6 Discomfort

LIGHTWAVE proprietary LED light Therapy session (Red and/or IR Light) specifically designed to address inflammation associated with trauma and/or an allergic reaction that causes discomfort with a focus on clients who experience persistent problems such as joint and muscle discomfort. It is also used within 72 hours of any traumatic event including post-surgical interventions to reduce scarring and encourage normal tissue formation. [embed][/embed]

LW8 Infrared Light Only Therapy

Infrared (IR) light (wavelength 800nm - 900nm) energy penetrates tissue at a greater depth than the blue and red light. Approximately 50% penetrates to 8cm and decreases to less than 1% at 20cm (NASA study). Infrared energy is known to heat tissue and its effects are well documented for therapeutic pain management. For cosmetic applications, IR stimulates the NaK+ pump which increases cell membrane permeability; facilitating equilibrium of cellular pH, while increasing nutritional absorption and elimination of waste byproducts. [embed][/embed]

TLi (Topical Light Infusion) Treatments

TLi Post Recovery Treatment: (2 Step Topical)

This treatment is intended to boost skin remodeling using a potent Vitamin C serum and GHK copper peptide cream. This serum and cream based combination will help soften, smooth, fade, and reduce the appearance of scars including burn scars, surgery scars, acne scars, and plastic surgery scars. Please note this setting is usually most effective with new scar.

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